Deep Mind Tennis

Learn self-hypnosis, train your mental game

Do you get frustrated on court?

Do you underperform on match day?

Level: Introductive
Prerequisite: None, open to everyone
Language: English
When: 21/11/2019 from 19:30 to 20:45
Winchester Racquets & Fitness, Bereweeke Road, Winchester, SO22 6AN
With: Michael Bianco

Tennis 2

The mind needs as much training as the body. This workshop introduces a framework where you can train your mind, both on and off court, and you will start learning how the mind works, its tricks and deceptions.

1. Mind depth: Superficial Mind Vs Deep Mind
2. Relaxing the body to access the deeper states
3. The hypnotic state & the flow state
4. The trickster: how parts of our mind hijack us
5. Linking the mind to the body: muscle phases and inner senses
6. The power of visualisation: The Deep Mind framework
7. The elastic force: what it is, how to produce it and control it (practical exercise)
8. The tennis form (practical demonstration)
9. Discovering the deep body sensations with self-hypnosis (deep mind visualisation)

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