The Resilience & Self Awareness Journey

The Resilience & Self Awareness Journey is a series of nine one day workshops. We also offer a wide variety of two hour workshops in the topic of self awareness and resilience. 

We are helping people develop their mind skills to get on a road of personal development and self realisation.

Developed Values

Team Building, Training and Well Being all in one day

Cement company vision and values

Gain skills you can use in the workplace and in life

Improved team work and discovery of common goals

Reduce staff turnover and improve Company Culture

Develop empathy and resilience to reduce conflicts and stress

The Study

Thanks to the digital R-Evolution, the corporate environment is experiencing change at an extraordinarily fast pace.  Resilience has become the most important skill to learn, across sectors, while learning how to be flexible and thrive in change.

The number one ingredient to achieve resilience is

Self Awareness

A study run by Dr. Higgs at Southampton University scientifically demonstrated that the Self Awareness Discrepancy Coefficient (SADC) was responsible for the success or failure of change initiatives in a corporate setting.

SADC = The difference between what we think of ourselves and what others think of us

The study showed that 70% of change initiatives fail, but the smaller the SADC, the higher the rate of success. The average SADC in companies that have not invested in training is a staggering 6 points out of 10.

The Deep Mind Intelligence Method

Thoughts become things. Learn to use your Deep Mind Intelligence to foster creative imagination.

You will build your CastleShip, explore your inner world and meet the ministers of your inner government who will be your companions throughout the workshops.

The Deep Mind App

App Demo

The Deep Mind app allows your employees to practice the mind skills that they learn and acquire during the workshops.

  • Practice your deep mind with our voice guided journeys
  • State of the art content ranging from modern psychology to ancient philosophies from the east and west
  • Add custom development training with restricted access for your employees
  • Work on your physical, emotional and intellectual centres at the same time.