The Resilience & Self Awareness Journey

Training Programme

Thanks to the digital R-Evolution, the corporate environment is experiencing change at an extraordinarily fast pace.  Resilience has become the most important skill to learn, across sectors, while learning how to be flexible and thrive in change. Learning how to use your full Deep Mind Intelligence potential is the number one ingredient to succeed

Key Benefits Of A Well-being & Training Initiative Programme

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Performance & productivity increase
- 0 %
Working days lost
- 0 %
Work-related stress & anxiety levels
+ 0 %
Staff satisfaction Increase

Data Source: GlaxonSmithKline

Become flexible & embrace change

Improve relationships and trust

Create motivation & awareness

Manage stress and time

Become more productive & proactive

Learn from your mistakes


Often we are led to think that when we communicate with other people, they mean things as we mean them, then unexpected reactions occur. Everyone think they speak and understands their personal language. The seminar on communication has helped me to keep in mind that often the emotional problems with other people are simply the result of misunderstandings that can be solved easily, trying to understand each other, that there is a universe of things that we communicate beyond words and how important it is to get hold of them. You made me understand the importance of aware communication

Elena T.

Self Employed

Thank you! After your communication seminar I noticed that I now tend to try to find the right words to make sure people understand me better and that if anything I say could be misunderstood, I realise it sooner and make it clearer right away

Manuela C.


“If you want go fast…go alone, if you want go far…go together”  The magic of the group…

Roberto R.

Hotel Administration Manager

I’d like to thank you, it has been an enriching experience, and it has been fun as well!

Lorenza M.

Veterinary Physician

The Deep Mind App

App Demo

The Deep Mind app allows your employees to practice the mind skills that they learn and acquire during the workshops.

  • Practice your deep mind with our voice guided journeys
  • State of the art content ranging from modern psychology to ancient philosophies from the east and west
  • Add custom development training with restricted access for your employees
  • Work on your physical, emotional and intellectual centres at the same time.